Nubella Honey • Race To The Light • Brittany Danielle

8:00 pm
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NUBELLA HONEY (North Carolina)

Nubella Honey is a modern Pop Funk artist from North Carolina. She relocated to San Diego during a time of uncertainty and loss. 2020 brought about a lot of things – a lot of good, a lot of bad. Yet the turbulence cultivated a modern sound that fused funk, pop, soul, and rock & roll. Nubella Honey released her first Ep -Gypsy State of Mind - a blues and soul project that reflected her struggles as she dug deep through her trials and tribulations to find her voice. She later released Whine it, an afrobeat single that showcased a different sound and direction from her earlier releases. Within that same year, she began writing and producing her album Sagittarius. As the project began to take form, a unique tone, style, and presence materialized into something unparalleled to her vocal norm. Fast forward to 2021, Nubella Honey released Sagittarius on November 12, which fused her love of pop, funk, and rock & roll.


Race to The Light is an eclectic band reflecting the times with our genre-bending storytelling. The group was born in the beautiful City of Destiny, Tacoma, WA. As a musical “soul tribe”, fate has brought the band together to embody the spirit of light through a limitless sonic experience. Welcome to the show!


What happens when you pull a thread? Those who’ve sought the answer know the glee of the seam ripping open, the stuffing falling out and then the surprise of that which is broken now resting at your feet. What if this moment had a soundtrack? A melody like that string, rhythms like cloth and cotton. And a demise as obvious as that of a broken relationship or belief system. This is the music Seattle-based songwriter and performer, Brittany Danielle brings to the world.

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