What’s the back story on the “Seattle Sound” at the Central?

In 10 words, it’s Seattle’s best, new bands at the city’s oldest saloon.

For 125 years, the Central has been the center of the universe in historic Seattle, hosting miners on their way to the Yukon and back, introducing the world to SoundGarden, Nirvana, and hundreds of other innovators in music.

The Central is the last of the grand old saloons. Opened three years after the Great Fire, the Central enjoys a long, proud history of entertainment for loggers, sailors, and the adventurers of every generation. It’s a special room, packed with memorabilia, a bar without peer, and a grill that serves the most authentic burgers and fries in the town. Check it out with all your senses and let us know what you think.

Guy Curtis has been running the place since the 70s. Eric Manegold recently joined as Guy’s business partner.

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