Rudy Love & The Encore • Civil Rebellion

7:00 pm
$10 Adv. $15 Door
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(Wichita, Kansas)



Rudy Love Jr is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Wichita, Kansas whose music blends elements of soul, funk, and R&B to create a sound that is uniquely his own. Born into a musical family, Rudy’s love for music was instilled at an early age by his father, Rudy Love Sr., a renowned musician in his own right, best known for his family band Rudy and the Love Family and work with Sly and The Family Stone, Marvin Gaye and many more. In 2006, Rudy Jr. began performing in The Love Family alongside his father, honing his skills as a musician and fostering a lifelong appreciation for performing with the people held closest to his heart.

After several years of hypercompetitive hustle in the Los Angeles music scene (which included collaborating with world-renowned artists like Neyo and Rihanna, and opening for Anderson .Paak and Kamasi Washington), Rudy Jr. returned to Wichita in late 2015, dead-set on writing the music he actually wished to write and perform with the people he wanted to perform with. Rudy Jr. resumed performing with his father in the Love Family, further strengthening the pair’s unbreakable bond (as seen in the critically acclaimed documentary This Is Love), inspiring him to start writing the music he had a passion for, with the latest iteration of this being Rudy Love & The Encore.
Consisting of Rudy Jr. himself (vocals), Marrque Nunley (drums), Rachelle Love (percussionist), Willy Simms (guitar), and DJ Breathett (bass), Rudy Love & The Encore could arguably be interpreted as the zenith of Rudy Love Jr. in his element. A collective of close friends and family working together to create a particular flavor of pop-R&B/soul which they all share a love for, Rudy Love & the Encore is about as tight as a band comes in terms of synergy and songwriting ability. The Encore’s debut single, “Cocaine Crowd” is a perfect representation of this dynamic, with its crisp percussion, hypnotizing funk bass line and guitar licks, and a soulful, suave vocal performance from Love Jr. all coalescing into a cut that makes for an amazing first impression of the collective’s irresistible sound.

Although Rudy Love Jr. is carrying the torch of his recently deceased father by continuing to lead Rudy Love & The Love Family, the creation of The Encore marks a significant new chapter for Rudy Jr. The close friends and family are still there, but with Rudy Jr. at the helm, The Encore is poised to be the start of another extraordinary chapter in the Love family musical legacy.


7pm Doors / 8pm Show
21+ // $10 Adv. $15 Door

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