The Cosmic Shuffle • The Whags • Rabble House

8:00 pm
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The Central Saloon Presents:

The Cosmic Shuffle

The Cosmic Shuffle strives to create unfiltered, artistic statements that reflect the emotions and influences of each individual member. Each concert tells a different psychedelic story, encompassing soundscapes that reflect the pacific northwest.

The Whags

The Whags are a Seattle-based, five-piece group that writes and performs as a unit in the spirit of the rock and roll band. Their songs are loaded with vocal-driven pop melodies, anthemic guitarmonies, and jazz/funk rhythms that conjure swirly baroque ballads alongside groove-heavy jams. These “pleasurable curveballs” make for a sunny, memorable live performance.

Rabble House
Piano driven, vaudevillian, glam, jazzy psych rock

$7 // 21+ // 8pm

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